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About the Childhood Work
Several years ago after my mother's passing, I had the task of going through decades of my family's possessions. Much to my surprise, I discovered over 1000 of my childhood drawings and paintings my parents lovingly tucked away. I had an opportunity to see the world through my own childhood eyes. The work was a nineteen-sixties’ time capsule, where glamour girls, super heroines, Barbie, Martians, big sisters, and little sisters interacted  with the animals of Hollywood: Lassie, Flicka, and Black Beauty. The childhood work turned my artwork upside down and away from social/political themes to new subject matters. Dealing with the childhood work required a different approach to image-making. I decided to take these childhood idols off their pedestals and mesh them with my current ideas and experiences. These idols seem to fit into the California desert landscape in a surrealistic way. By opening a door to my childhood, I hope to have created a new world, "Bianca's World".

About the Dog Portraits
My corner coffee house is a major meeting place, where dog owners and other customers mingle together. People willingly dog-sit while owners step inside for coffee. Conversation ensue and friendships develop. Some of the dogs are such regulars that I decided to paint and draw their portraits.